Colorectal Cancer Screening Study

Help us diagnose colorectal cancer with a simple blood draw.

Screening Made Simple

Imagine a day when screening for colorectal cancer is as simple as a blood test. Join the ECLIPSE research study to bring that day forward.

To qualify, you must:

Be 60-84 years old
Have an upcoming colonoscopy or need one
Not have had a colonoscopy in the past 9 years

Enrolled and Eligible Participants May Receive Compensation

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What is ECLIPSE?

  • ECLIPSE is a colorectal cancer screening study to learn if early signs of colorectal cancer can be detected by a simple blood test.
  • ECLIPSE is one of the largest cancer screening studies of its kind. It will enroll 12,000 people from across the United States.

Why should I join?

Getting screened is the single best way to prevent colorectal cancer or catch it early, when it can be cured. The American Cancer Society recommends that average-risk adults begin colorectal cancer screening at age 45.

Yet 1 in 3 people in the U.S. are not getting screening with today’s options, which most commonly include colonoscopy and stool-based testing.

A simple blood test like the one being studied in the ECLIPSE study could boost screening rates and help save lives by making screening as simple as a blood draw.